Friday, 14 November 2014

Thanks For The Memories Analysis

At the start of the music video there is a long shot of two bang members talking to each other. It then cuts to a long shot of the whole band assuming position. The lead singer Patrick Stump is interrupted by a Chimpanzee which then shows a medium shots of each member of the band looking annoyed. The video becomes a bit confusing at this part and gives the audience the feeling that the Chimpanzee's are in charge since they are controlling the camera and sitting in the director and producer chairs. When the music video actually starts the the first shot that is shown is another medium shot of the Patrick Stump. The next shot after that is two chimps controlling a camera. 

Throughout the whole the music the it switches between shots of chimpanzee's taking over the set and using the camera's and dressing room, to shots of the band performing on set watching this all happen. Some match in the lyrics and visuals is there is a Chimp playing a violin followed with the lyrics "who does he think he is', this could be saying that the Chimpanzee is imitating the bands music. When the beat in the music comes in, the camera switches back to another long shot of the band performing again. It then cuts to another shot of the Chimpanzee's controlling the cameras which then cuts back to Patrick in the spotlight, this could be showing him as the star image. Throughout the music video most of the lighting is very dark and you can notice that the room is foggy when the lights are on. 

The next important shot is a of the guitarist spinning out of control which cuts to the Chimpanzee looking distressed which cuts back to the the guitarist looking confused as if he did something wrong. The Chimp then takes this Guitar and shows him what to do. This is mocking a director since they would usually complain about whats wrong with a video and try to do it themselves. The next array of shots are of what looks like the band taking a break from the music video, this is shown by the band members getting some food and playing chess with the Chimps. This makes it looks like the chimps are imitating humans. The way Patrick and the orangutan are playing chess could show that humans and the chimps are in competition.

The next significant shots show the humans getting into fights with the chimps and it looks as if they are getting replaced by the chimps or that they are trying to show them how to play, which is acting like human directors. After this a close-up of a band member getting his make-up done by some chimps, this connotes that he is ready to start performing. It then cuts to an establishing shot of the band performing on set. The next scene is another part that matched the lyrics and visuals. When a member of the band is waiting in a hotel room a woman walks in and the lyrics say "They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers, in hotel rooms collecting page six lovers". The mise en scene also fits with the scene for this part of the song because of the a dress a woman is wearing and the fact the room is the colour red gives of a promiscuous atmosphere. This is an example of voyeurism which is a part of Goodwin's theory. The next main scene is the Chimpanzee replacing the band member who is sitting with the girl, however the girl doesn't act like she notices and they continue what they were doing. This could connote that the Chimpanzee's are again replacing the band or seen as humans. It then cuts back to a long shot of the band playing again on set with their instruments. 

At the conclusion of the video, you see the band all playing together whilst the Chimpanzee and the girl are sitting in the directors chairs watching the video. Everything seems to be going fine until the Chimpanzee begins playing with the girls hair, this then shows the guitarist get annoyed and show he is fed up with these Chimpanzee's taking over. He shows this by smashing everything around and throwing his guitar. The video closes with him destroying the B on the sign in the background.

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