Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Digipak Presentation Feedback

This is the feedback from my first digipak draft. There are a lot of good points and points that say what my work can be improved on. Some feedback is saying that the pictures were too dark but that was just because of the screen it was being presented on. I will still however decide to change the brightness of my digipak in case it wasn't the screen and it could happen again. Another point that I was given was telling me that I needed to switch around the front cover and the left cover since the left cover looked more professional and what a front cover should look like. I will go on and change the digipak layout around so it makes more sense and can please the audience's feedback. My track listing needs to be developed I will change it so it looks more like a real track list on a digipak. Instead of lyrics on my inside cover it needs to be a lyrics book, which I might remove and add a second disc instead so that it can fulfill my promise of a bonus disc. I also got feedback on my disc saying it needs to be edited, which I will get around to making it link with the rest of my digipak. I will take all of this feedback into consideration and make my second draft a lot better than the first one, so that it can please the audience.

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