Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pitch Feedback

Here is what everyone said about our pitch. Overall I think that our pitch went really well, there were some parts that could be improved on, however most of the feedback agrees that all of the work that we had created over the last month has turned out really good. We will be presenting the pitch again so we will have to use what we was given in here and put it into our actual presentation. Some good feedback was that we had good analysis of the original video and our test shots were looking good. Our logo was praised a lot in the feedback along with the band name and song choice. Some parts that people found confusing was narrative, this might of been because of the animatic. Even though the animatic links well with beat of the song, trying to follow the story is proven quite hard when you watch it. We also forgot to add a Goodwin's analysis of our own music video, so this is another thing that we will do next time.

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