Friday, 12 September 2014

Postmodernsism is a shortcut to mass audiences

Postmodernism is a shortcut to mass audiences because it allows more people to get into something again, if something is remade the people who previously liked it will, and then you will have the newer audiences who haven't seen it before or didn't want to because of how old or different it was, but will now watch it due to it being modernised.

An example of postmodernism can be a parody an example of an artist who creates parody music videos is: Weird Al, an example of a music video he has made is Fat which is a parody of Bad by Michael Jackson:


You can see the resemblance by the beginning of the song and how it is acted out. The setting that they are both in is some form of car park. He sings with the same beat and tune to the Bad song, it is almost the same song.

John Fiske develops Roland Barthes' semic code: A car chase representation is relatable to to us due to all the ones we have seen in tv shows and movies. It is rare that we are going to experience one in real life and if we were to ever get into a car chase we would try to follow the model from the media we were given. We would understand intertexually, in terms of have seen so often on our screens. This has created the cultural knowledge of the concept of a 'car chase' and it has left people knowing it as a normal event.

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