Friday, 26 September 2014

Jay Z Analysis

Jay Z is seen as being a gangster in this music video. This can be seen by the use of urban setting where they use: freestyle dancing, guns, graffiti, criminality, rough looking clubs, him getting shot, basketball court, the police are white and black men are in prison.

The cinematography used is in the video are close-ups which are to show the record label, there are low angles when the camera are on Jay Z to show that we are inferior to him. There are other close-ups when he swears, shows that his record label is explicit, it also shows his aggression and his type of genre. The only other shot types that there are, are long shots of unimportant people, and the only close-ups that aren't on Jay Z are on the female "breasts and ass".

The target audience for this type of video is young adults which are addressed by any relevance to how they act compared to how people in the music video act.

His own record label is Def Jam, this shows his independence. There is less emphasis on Jay Z on his own as he is an established artist and doesn't need a lot of focus.

There is reference and notion of looking in the video, this is shown by when you see his face is on another TV within the video. The lyrics match the video when he talks about his hat he then proceeds to move it. He also says the word "bitch" and it literally shows a woman. There is a synchronous relationship, when he raps fast the video goes fast and it cut's in time with the beat. The use of fast editing shows that it's an aggressive music video. 

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