Friday, 10 October 2014

The Culture Industry Notes

Adorno and Horkheimer - They said that the culture industry showed off an "assembly line character" which could be seen in the fake method of turning out its products. They took the term "Culture Industry" to argue that the way products are produced is similar to the way other companies manufactures a large number of goods. Culture production became a routine, standardised repetitive operation that produced undemanding cultural commodities which in turn resulted in a type of consumption that was standardised, distracted and passive.

According to highbrow people, everything lowbrow is bad examples of low brow shows are: The X Factor, Soaps, Reality shows etc... this is because they are standardised. People of highbrow complain that everything is the same and nothing is unique.

X Factor is corrupting the music industry, due to the homogeneity. Capitalist corporations are all powerful and control everything.

Pseudo Individuality says that there are superficial differences, everything looks the same but they have a minor difference. Two examples of this are: The X Factor and The Voice. They both have the same premise but there is a small difference in the way the judges get to listen to the music. If there is anything that's different it will usually get changed so that it can fit the "norm" and get standardised.

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