Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Digipak plan

This is my digipak plan, there are seven sections to a digipak, the front cover, the back, the inside, the first disc, the bonus disc and a booklet. Here on my digipak, for the front cover I have decided to make it a puddle which shows a reflection of a guitar within it. The back of the digipak will have a picture of the band all holding their instruments with the track list going down the side. The booklet will be similar to the back with a picture of the band however this time they will be in a different location. My main disc and bonus disc will have dark blue ripples of water. The text will not be in the ripples on the first disk but will be for the bonus one. The back will feature a building which will show part of the location that we are in. There is also the spine which will have the name of the band on it and would usually have an album name.

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