Friday, 19 December 2014

Digipak Final

Here is the final version of my digipak, I changed the placing of all of the pictures. I added two discs instead of having a lyric book,  I also changed the font until I found one I felt comfortable with. I moved the logo to my front cover and found a good puddle shot to use as the back cover to put the text of. I also added effects to my discs by picking a random texture of the internet, I then messed around with the filter effects to change the colour of it so that it fit in with the rest of my digipak and genre. I reversed what I did to my main disc to the bonus one, so that they didn't look the same but still fit in with the genre. I used two different placed pictures of the band but edited them so that they both look dark and fit in. I also reused the puddle picture to put behind the discs instead of having it plain. 

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